Movement isn’t just about getting your body in shape, it’s about getting your mind in shape as well. Enjoy “Release” a whole body and life movement routine to clear out blocked emotions, and raise your spirits.

Pairs well with 10 minutes of free writing or EFT at the end.


In this routine we give focus to your breath. Breath is powerful. It can help your body work more efficiently, boost your energy, and decrease stress. Do your best to participate in the breath work to enhance the physical and emotional effects of this routine.

As always, listen to the cues your body. No pain allowed, only positive tension. If something hurts, back off, and tweak the movement so that it’s right for your body.

After you’ve finished, this pairs well with journaling (suggestions offered at the end of the session), EFT, emotion clearing, energy work, mantra/ affirmations, or any other positive mindset work you’d like to incorporate.