The Health & Harmony Reset Method (Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse)


Cleanse toxins and habits to reset your health and harmony, and feel amazing in your own skin.

This method is different in that it doesn’t just address the physical body, but also honors the mind and spirit, realizing that they are essential to good health, and will sabotage it if left untended. The method outlined in this program can be used short term as a seasonal or as needed cleanse, or adopted into your lifestyle.





You deserve to look and feel amazing. Kickstart things with the Health & Harmony reset method, which gives you guidance and tools for holistic health all in one place (ahem, no more endless internet searches)

You will receive

  • A PDF and hard copy of the Kalusion Cleanse
  • An instructional video
  • An organizer for tracking your activity
  • Teatox organic herbal tea (1.5oz)
  • A coaching call – a dedicated meeting to discuss your health and harmony questions, and create a roadmap to guide you

This course is valued at $150


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